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Claudette by VoyagetoDiscover2013

Claudette is a fox-like Adventuress and a girlfriend of Doctor Delbert and Captain Amelia Doppler, Daniel. She and Daniel grew up toget...

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Season 1, Episode 3: Happy Birthday, Princess Luna!.

It was a splendid morning, Princess Luna got up bright and early.

Princess Luna: (yawns) What a day.

As Luna got up, She has a messy mane from sleeping in her bed with Hiro, She strenched her wings, front hooves and back hooves to ease herself. In the bathroom, she took a shower shortly, put on her royal gear, brushed her teeth and mane and gone downstairs for her breakfast.

As Luna got downstairs, She was surprised. Solarna made pancakes shaped like a heart, omelets shaped like the piece symbol, buttered toast shaped like the Yin and Yang symbol and her's favorite drink, Fruit Punch.

Princess Solarna: Morning, Mom.

Princess Luna: What is all this?

Hiro: Your birthday breakfast.

Princess Luna: I can hardly believe it.

Princess Celestia: We're here to make this a special one for you, Little sister.

Princess Luna: Thank you, All of you.

Princess Sharon: Happy Birthday, Aunt Luna.

Princess Solarna: I sure can't wait to tell Yuna and Snowdrop about this.

Soon, Snowdrop woke up and got up in her bed. Soon, The Royal Family arrived.

Snowdrop: Good morning, Luna.

Princess Luna: Good morning, Snowdrop.

Hiro: Today is her birthday.

Princess Celestia: We're looking forward to this occasion.

King Solar Flare: Indeed we are, Celestia. (to Luna) Congratulations, Luna.

Princess Luna: Thank you, Father.

In Yuna's bedroom, She got up bright and early.

Princess Yuna: (stops the alarm clock and yawns)

Yuna got out of bed, Made her bed very neat, Took a shower and got dressed.

Princess Yuna: There. Now then, To go get my Journals. (got her Journals out of her desk) Just a quick research, And then I'll be downstairs.

Yuna got downstairs to be ready for her mother's birthday.

Later, Yuna came to see her aunt, Princess Celestia.

Princess Yuna: Hey there, Aunt Celestia.

Princess Celestia: Yuna, I've been meaning to tell you, Snowdrop, Solarna and Sharon about your mother's birth.

Princess Sharon: This should be good.

Princess Yuna: Tell us more, Aunt Celestia.

Celestia began her story, A long time ago. The flashback shows Equinelantis, Just before it sank into the water.

Baby Luna: (crying)

Nurse: It's a beautiful baby filly.

Empress Moonbeam: Celestia, Meet your new sister.

Young Celestia: I'm a big sister.

King Solar Flare: She's so beautiful.

Queen Starshine: Just like Celestia in that age.

Emperor Lunarlight: Welcome to the family, Princess Luna.

Baby Luna: (embracing her big sister)

Young Celestia: Hi, Luna. I'm Celestia, Your big sister.

Baby Luna: (cooing)

The screen shows Celestia helping Queen Starshine and Empress Moonbeam dressing her baby sister. Luna got a brand Royal gear like a black crown, chest plate and sharp pair of hoof guard shoes. As Luna puts her shoes on, They fit perfect just like a princess. Then, The next scene shows Celestia singing to her baby sister to sleep.

Teenage Celestia: Come stop your crying
It will be all right
Just take my hand
Hold it tight
I will protect you
From all around you
I will be here
Don't you cry

For one so small
You seem so strong
My arms will hold you
Keep you safe and warm
This bond between us
Can't be broken
I will be here
Don't you cry

'Cause you'll be in my heart
Yes, you'll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more

You'll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You'll be here in my heart,

Why can't they understand the way we feel,
They just don't trust what they can't explain.
How know your different
Deep inside us, we're not that different at all.

And you'll be in my heart,
yes you'll be in my heart,
From this day on
Now and forever more.

Don't listen to them, 'cos what do they know. (what do they know)
We need each other, to have to hold.
They'll see in time, I know.
When destiny calls you, you must be strong
(you gotta be strong)
I may not be with you, but you got to hold on.
They'll see in time, I know.
That your there together 'cos
You'll be in my heart,
Believe me,
You'll be in my heart.
I'll be there from this day on,
now and forever more.

Ooh you'll be in my heart
(you'll be here in my heart)

No matter what they say
(I'll be with you)

You'll be here in my heart
(I'll be there)


I'll be with you,
I'll be there for you always
Always and always.

Just look over your shoulder x3
I'll be there always.

Then, Luna went to sleep.

Princess Celestia: (narrating) Decades later, Just right after Flurry Heart, Skyla and the Crystal Quadruplets were born, It was after your mother and father's wedding. It started a week after your parents return from their Honeymoon in Japan. Right after Solarna was born and I adopted Sharon, Your mother was pregnant with you, Yuna. That's right, It was before they adopted Snowdrop.

Princess Luna: (was pregnant with Yuna) Hiro, I can hardly wait for Solarna to have a new sister.

Hiro: Yes, Luna. At last, We'll have two to raise.

In the present, Celestia was finishing her story.

Princess Celestia: After your first adventure with your friends, the Nightmare Family and Bill Cipher are now coming for the Journals to recreate Armageddon and Weirdmageddon, And try to gain control on other worlds. That's when you and your friends came to stop them.

Princess Yuna: Cool story.

Princess Solarna: You got that right, Baby sister.

Princess Yuna: We better find the right present for Mama.

Snowdrop: Right, Yuna.

And so, Yuna placed her Journals in her saddlebag. Then, She and her sisters set off.

At the Council Hall, Yuna, Solarna and Snowdrop came to see Ford and Cassim.

Princess Yuna: Excuse me? Cassim? Ford?

Snowdrop: Can we talk to you two for a minute?

Cassim: Of course, Girls.

Ford Pines: What is it you want to talk about?

Princess Solarna: We've been looking for the right Birthday Gift for our mother.

Princess Yuna: And we've were wondering if you two would like to help us?

Cassim: We'd be glad to help.

Snowdrop: Yes!

Ford Pines: Now then, Let's get started on that list.

Princess Yuna: Okay, Ford.

The birthday list is all filled up and ready.

Soon, Yuna reads the birthday list for her mother's birthday party.

Princess Yuna: (reading) "Cake, Check".

Pound Cake, Pumpkin Cake, Dipper and Mabel made a chocolate flavored cake with a frosting view of Canterlot. The writing says "Happy Birthday, Princess Luna".

Dipper Pines: All done!

Mabel Pines: How'd it looking, Yuna?

Princess Yuna: Perfect.

Pound Cake: Princess Luna is gonna be so surprised!

The Cake and Pines Twins were excellent with their team work. They carefully loaded the cake onto carriage.

Princess Yuna: Gideon, See if you can deliver the invitations as Pacifica finishes them.

Gideon Gleeful: Will do, Yuna.

Gideon waited for Pacifica, She and Vanellope were prepared for the job. The invitations has colorful glitters, Fit for royalties.

Princess Yuna: You and Vanellope keep up with the invitations, Pacifica.

Pacifica Northwest: Sure thing.

Vanellope von Schweetz: Gotcha.

Pacifica and Vanellope started working on the invitations.

Princess Yuna: Stanley, Did you get all of my Mama's presents?

Stanley Pines: All present and accounted for, Yuna.

Stanley has brought presents like all kinds of royal treasures, the DVD and Blu-Ray Collection of Love Comes Softly and original attractions of Gravity Falls.

Princess Yuna: How're the party decorations, Sensei Garmadon?

Sensei Garmadon: So far so good, Yuna.

Tyrone: They're ready!

Dipper Clone #10: Let's party!

Dipper Clone #3: Not yet!

Dipper Clone #10: Oh, right.

Garmadon, Tyrone and the Dipper Clones brought decorations like Japanese confetti, ribbons and other Japanese decorations.

Princess Yuna: They're perfect, Just like my Papa's homeland.

Dipper Clone #7: I know, Right?

Princess Yuna: Is your Dad ready yet, Indigo?

Indigo Marble: He's more then ready, Yuna.

Cheese Sandwich: I've got all the games ready.

Maud Pie: (deadpan) I sure look forward to it.

Cheese Sandwich: I can hardly wait to be ready!

Cheese Sandwich has brought games of Pin the Crown on the Alicorn Princess, Tic-Tac-Toe, Twister and Clues.

Princess Yuna: Can you stall Mama for us, Papa.

Hiro: I will do what I can, Yuna.

Snowdrop: This is so exciting.

Princess Solarna: Now, Let's go find our mother a birthday present.

Princess Celestia: Good luck, You three.

Hiro: And be careful.

Hiro sets off to see Luna and stall her.

Meanwhile, Luna wanted to see what's going on inside. But, Hiro caught up with her.

Hiro: Oh, Hello, Luna. (laughs nervously and made a biggest weirdest smile)

Princess Luna: Hiro, What're you doing here?

Hiro: Just thought I'd come check on you.

Princess Luna: Are you alright, Hiro? You seemed to be hiding something.

Hiro was sweating, Taking deep breaths and his heartbeat is heard smoothly.

Hiro: (felt very shaking) Well, I thought you could use some free time at the Spa. Don't you think?

Princess Luna: Spa? That's a great idea. I could use a little mud bath right about now.

Hiro: Phew!

As Luna left, Hiro had to make sure Yuna gets out in time.

Princess Yuna: The coast is clear.

Yuna, Snowdrop and Solarna left to find a present for their mother.

In Disneyland, Yuna, Snowdrop and Solarna took a quick look around. At the Lightsaber Factory, They were amazed at how the Lightsaber was made. The Lightsaber Factory is a place where some Jedi Masters made Lightsabers for new Padawans.

Princess Yuna: One Lightsaber can be made in this factory.

Princess Solarna: Amazing!

Then, A lightsaber for Luna was made. It was colored the same as her mother's.

Snowdrop: If only I could see this

C-3PO: Thank you for coming to the Lightsaber Factory, Princess Yuna.

Princess Yuna: One gift left. (then she spotted a Chinese Gift Shop) Perfect, I'm sure Mama will love it as much as Papa does.

There was a Yin and Yang Amulet, It was colored the same symbol as her mother and aunt's prophecy. Yuna, Snowdrop and Solarna came to the gift shop. They bought it just for their mother.

Princess Yuna: The Yin and Yang Amulet. That will be perfect!

Princess Solarna: Let's hope so.

Snowdrop: I just can't wait for the party

Chi-Fu: Thank you for coming to the gift shop.

As Yuna, Snowdrop and Solarna left Disneyland, the Journals were glowing any types of colors.

Princess Yuna: What's happening to the Journals?

Ford Pines: I've never seen them glow like this before.

Cassim: What do you make of it, Ford?

Ford Pines: Red means warning, Orange means sunset, Yellow means gold, Forest Green means visions, Light Green means green for glory, Blue means night sky, Dark Blue means moon light, Purple aka Violet means nightmare warning, Pink means sunlight, Red Blooded means the Dragon Calling, Dark Green means the Jedi, Silver means the warning for Ghost Engines, Bronze means the way to Equinelantis and Gold means heroic. They show all kinds of colors for a reason, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Wow!

Snowdrop: Amazing.

Princess Solarna: Come on, We don't want to be late.

Princess Yuna: You're right, Solarna.

Yuna, her sisters, Ford and Cassim set off back to Canterlot. The Journals started glowing, They kept on going.

Meanwhile at the Ponyville Spa, Luna was enjoying herself.

Princess Luna: (getting a massage) That's much better.

Hiro: (checking on Luna) So far so good.

Princess Luna: (getting her hooves massaged) Just what I ordered for my birthday.

Hiro: They should be back by now.

Princess Luna: (getting her hooves polished)

Hiro: I hope they make it back soon

Princess Luna: (seeing her reflection on her shiny hooves) Oh, I look lovely.

Hiro: Where are they?

Princess Luna: (enjoying a mud bath) Oh, This is much warmer as I thought.

Hiro: Not much longer now.

Princess Luna: (getting her mane brushed and combed)

Luna got her Royal Gear back on and head back home with Hiro.

At Canterlot, Hiro was ready to surprise Luna for her birthday.

Princess Luna: (has a blindfold on her eyes) Can I look yet, Hiro.

Hiro: Yes, Luna. Now, You can look.

Princess Luna: (took her blindfold off her eyes) Huh?

Then, There was a party.

Everyone: Surprise!

Mabel Pines: Happy Birthday, Princess Luna!

Dipper Pines: To the ruler of the night!

Princess Solarna: (give her mother a Lightsaber) I got this for you, Mother.

Princess Luna: Solarna, You shouldn't have. I could always use an extra one.

Yuna was next to bestow a gift as she gave her mother the Yin and Yang Amulet.

Princess Yuna: Happy Birthday, Mama.

Princess Luna: Is this for me?

Princess Yuna: Just for you.

Hiro: Do you like it?

Princess Luna: I... I... I... I love it! (wears her new amulet) Thank you, Yuna. (shedding tears of joy)

Princess Yuna: Anything for you, Mama.

Dusty Crophopper: Are you... crying?

Princess Luna: It's my tears of joy.

Luna embraced with all of her birthday gifts. Soon, It was time to blow out the candles.

Cheese Sandwich: Don't forget to make a wish.

Pincesss Luna: (blew the candles out)

Princess Celestia: We're all very happy for you, Little sister.

King Solar Flare: May you have a very special birthday.

Princess Luna: Thank you, Father. Thank you all very much.

Hiro: Anything for you, Luna.

Princess Sharon: Happy Birthday, Aunt Luna.

Princess Luna: Thank you, Sharon.

And so, Luna hugged Yuna like mother like daughter.

Princess Yuna: Happy Birthday, Mama.

That night, Yuna was going to sleep with her mother because she invited her to. Yuna wrote on Journal 4 about her mother's special birthday.

Princess Yuna: (writes on Journal 4) "Dear Journal, Yesterday was my Mama's birthday. One thing's for sure, It's just not easy getting everything ready. Well, At least not without help. We got her a new Lightsaber, the Yin and Yang Amulet and other kinds of gifts she deserves. The Party was amazing, It was a dream come true for her. And let's not forget the birthday cake, It was the best. So, It will always be a way to celebrate a special birthday. Your owner, Princess Yuna.".

Yuna put her Journal next to the other three and went to sleep with her mother. Then, the Journals were glowing like the night sky.

                                                                                          The End

In the end credits, Snowdrop was sleeping with Solarna.

Snowdrop: Solarna, Thanks for letting me sleep with you tonight.

Princess Solarna: You're welcome, Snowdrop.

Snowdrop: I just can't wait for a better day tomorrow.

Princess Solarna: Me either, Snowdrop. Goodnight.

Snowdrop: (yawns) Goodnight, Solarna.

Solarna and Snowdrop slept peacefully as the full moon shines upon them.
Yuna's Princess Adventure S1 Ep3
Here is the third episode Yuna's Princess Adventure.
Happy Birthday, Princess Luna! by iamnater1225
Happy Birthday, Princess Luna!
Here is the poster of my third episode of Yuna's Princess Adventure, Happy Birthday, Princess Luna!.

My thanks goes to :icontmntlonewolf: for the poster.
Roger's Big Race by iamnater1225
Roger's Big Race
Here is the poster of my second episode of Yuna's Princess Adventure, Roger's Big Race.

My thanks goes to :icontmntlonewolf: for the poster.
The Mane 9 by iamnater1225
The Mane 9
Laddies and Gentlemen, Mare and Gentlecolts, I give you the Mane 9: Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Spike, Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer.
Season 1, Episode 2: Roger's Big Race.

The episode began with Yuna was eating popcorn, candy, pizza and pretzel while watching the race. Even Roger was gazing how Lightning McQueen, Strip Weathers "The King" and Mater had a thrilling race.

Princess Yuna: Come on, Lightning!

Roger: Hey, Yuna, When did you enjoyed watching this race?

Princess Yuna: After watching TV.

Lightning McQueen, The King and Mater were on the race.

Princess Yuna: Go! Go!

The Announcer: And there they go, Laddies and Gentlemen!

Snowdrop: What's happening

Roger: I can see it now.

Roger daydreamed about being in a race with Lightning and Mater.

Roger: And the crowd goes wild!

Gordon: ROGER! Pay attention. You're daydreaming again.

Roger: Sorry, Dad.

Flying Scotsman: This is quite a fine race

Princess Yuna: Alright, Lightning!

Princess Solarna: He did pretty good.

Then, Roger had an idea.

At Golden Oaks Library, Yuna and the others came and met up with Roger.

Roger: Hey, Everybody. What's going on?

Sensei Garmadon: We've been making progress on things.

Princess Yuna: You mean the remodeling?

Herbie: (beeps agreeably)

Princess Yuna: So, What was your plan again, Roger?

Roger: Let's build us our very own racing cart.

Pedro: Do you hear that, Dusty?

Dusty Crophopper: I sure did, Pedro.

Pedro: What do you make of it, Ford?

Ford Pines: I think it's a great idea.

LeFou: What've we got to loose?

Sensei Garmadon: Alright then. Tyrone, Show them where the vehicle mechanical room is.

Tyrone: You got it, Sensei.

Tyrone shows them around and where to go to make vehicles.

Princess Yuna: An elevator? Sounds good to me.

Tyrone: That's no ordinary elevator, It can take you to any rooms you wish to go.

They tried out the elevator. In the underground hallway, They witnessed all kinds of rooms. They are the rooms like bedrooms for the Ninjago Team members, Heroes of Chima and the Dipper Clones, Library, Kitchen, dining room, ballroom, fitness room, the movie theatre, arcade, nightclub, training rooms, anger management class, basements, laboratory, research lab (with Universe Portal and LEGO Dimensions gateway), creation labs, vending machine room, guest rooms, 13 bathrooms, sports field, Hall of Fame, laundry room, repair workshop, X-Wing Starfighter and Spaceship workshop, TV Room, Museum room, Club Room, the Dipper Clones' Hangout and Break Room, Foals' Hangout, Vehicle Workshop, Garages, Toy Shop, Swimming Pool and Hot Tub, Gardens and Greenhouses, Nursing Room and Hospital Wing, Nursery, Look out balconies, Room of traps, Weaponry, The hallways, The offices for royalties, Mentors and Teachers.

Snowdrop: What's happening?

Dipper Pines: This is just like the Bunker in the Gravity Falls forest, the Mystery Shack, Gru's house and something else like that.

Princess Yuna: Wow, Golden Oaks Library is biggerer than Gru's House, A mall, Hotels and Mansions.

X-PO: Only it's got everything for our guests to try out, Princess Yuna.

Princess Twila: That's amazing, X-PO.

X-PO: Glad you liked it.

Princess Yuna: What do you think, Mabel?

Mabel Pines: This is so cool!

So, They got started working.

At the Vehicle Room, There are many machines. There was the Millennium Falcon, the X-Wing Fighters, Ecto-1, Ecto-2 motorbike, the 2016 Ecto-1, the Light Cycles, the Airplanes, the Speeder Bikes, DeLorean Time Machine, the Jules Verne Time Train, Locomotive 131, the Patty Wagon, the Mystery Cart, the Night Express, the Flying Ford Anglia and many others.

Pacifica Northwest: My parents won't believe this!

Princess Flurry Heart: Wow! Look at those!

Tyrone: This is one of our finest vehicles from history.

Emerald: What are the Millennium Falcon, the X-Wing Fighters, Ecto-1, Ecto-2 motorbike, 2016 Ecto-1, the Light Cycles and other historical vehicles doing here?

Sensei Wu: We keep them here in case of they are to be used again.

Roger: No kidding.

Dipper Pines: Who was the Mechanic?

Tyrone: The Mechanic? You're looking at us.

Cragger: They seem to be workers on all at once.

Roger: Let's get started working on making our kart racers.

Susie the Little Blue Coupe: How're you all gonna do that?

Princess Yuna: Well, Susie. We just follow the instructions, And we'll build it.

Giselle: (beeps)

Snowdrop: Giselle, You and Herbie will do great at the race.

Giselle: (beeps excitedly)

At the vehicle workshop, Yuna and her friends work really hard making their own racing karts.

Princess Yuna: I call this one, "The Shooting Star". It's all kinds of name we call as we go along.

Roger: I call my kart, "The Mighty Jet"! Name after Dad's streamline for being mighty.

Later, They all finished their racing karts.

Princess Luna: So, Yuna. What are you going to show us?

Hiro: And what surprise did you mean by that?

Princess Yuna: (came out with the Shooting Star) Ta-da!

Snowdrop: We each made our own racing karts.

Princess Flurry Heart: it wasn't easy, (came out with her own cart as anypony else did) We've worked really hard.

Princess Skyla: It was the best we'd had.

Royal Crusaders: The awesome of all we made.

Princess Twila: (came out with the miniature version of Ecto-1) That way, We'll have our own kart race.

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: (came out with the miniature version of the 2016 Ecto-1) The best there is.

Emerald: Scrappy and I made our own too. (came out with the miniature version of the Mystery Machine with Scrappy)

Thunder Spectrum: We all did.

Blue Star: Some us siblings or best friends.

Sunbeam: It was worth it.

Arachna: We did build.

Dragonsly: Yes, All by ourselves.

Red Beret: It sure wasn't easy.

Brownie: Hey, Bro. At least it wasn't our idea.

Willow Apple: We worked together!

Apple Feather: Yeah.

Game Facer: With help of Tyrone and the Dipper Clones.

Game Player: The Ninjago Team.

Peachy Heart: And the heroes of Chima.

Thompson Colt: We have made the kart.

Joe Joey: Wow!

Quaker: I made this Wonderbolt inspired cart.

Treasurer: I made this pirate ship cart.

Round Up: I even made this cart looks like Starla.

Hurricane Cloud: I made this Wonderbolt Jet Cart!

Indigo Marble: (came out with the miniature of the Giant Mouse of Minsk) Basil, Miss Kitty and I made this ourselves.

Pound Cake: Pumpkin Cake, Dipper, Mabel and I did our own racing kart too.

Dipper Pines: (came out with the classic version of the Mystery Cart) And here it is.

Jules Brown: (came out with the miniature version of the DeLorean Time Machine) Friends, This is it! The racing kart replica of out father's life work!

Princess Luna: A DeLorean?

Jules Brown: A Time Machine!

Stanley Pines: Get out of here.

Verne Brown: (came out with the miniature of The Jules Verne Time Train) Jules and I made it ourselves.

Princess Solarna: No kidding.

Then, Toby Tortoise and Max Hare came by to see Yuna and her friends.

Toby Tortoise: Hey there!

Max Hare: Up for a race, Are we, Roger?

Roger: You bet we are, Max.

Princess Sharon: Be careful out there, Yuna.

Princess Celestia: This race will be a dangerous stunt.

Princess Yuna: Don't worry, Aunt Celestia. We've practiced many times before.

The Journals are in the library just to be safe.

That night at the race track in Golden Oaks Library, Stanley Pines begins announcing the race.

Stanley Pines: (announcing) Laddies and Gentlemen, Mares and Gentlecolts, Get ready for Ponyville's Kart Racing Extravaganza!

The race cars are all in place at the starting line.

Princess Luna: Be careful, Yuna. And good luck.

Princess Yuna: Thank you, Mama.

Gordon and Belle are getting worried about Roger.

Gordon: Princess Luna, Where's Roger?

Belle: Is he with his friends?

Princess Luna: They're preparing for their own kart race.

Gordon: They what!?

Princess Solarna: Go for it, Baby sister.

Princess Yuna: Well, Here it goes.

Stanley Pines: Okay, On your marks.... Get ready... Get set..... Go!

Princess Twila: (starts the Ecto-1 cart while the siren is on)

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: (starts the 2016 Ecto-1 cart while the siren is on)

The lights shows the path way which leads to the finish line. The race has started as Mr. Smee waved the green flag, The race has gone all night.

Stanley Pines: There they go!

Ford Pines: Let's hope Yuna wins the gold.

Then, The Shooting Star started to ran out of fuel.

Princess Yuna: Uh-oh, Almost ran out of fuel. I'm going to the pit stop.

Snowdrop: Hurry, Yuna.

Yuna finally made the pit stop and got her tires changed and gas filled up.

Princess Yuna: Okay, Fill her up.

The Dipper clones changed the tires, the Shooting Star was ready to go. It was back on the road, All the karts begin at high speed.

Stanley Pines: As the race continues, Yuna takes the lead.

Ford Pines: Your daughter sure is brave at taking a risk, Luna.

Princess Luna: Indeed she is, Ford.

The Racing Karts are catching up with Yuna and Snowdrop.

Princess Yuna: Checkered flag, here I come!

Then, the Shooting Star's rear tires blew up, Due to a bad one, Yuna had to continue on.

Stanley Pines: Whoa, Did you see that!

Sensei Garmadon: How did Yuna had a bad tire on her kart!?

Roger knew Yuna was going too slow. Using his magic, He replaced the bad tire with a new one.

Princess Yuna: Thanks, Roger!

Roger: No problem.

Mr. Snoops waves the checkered flag and Roger reached made first place.

Roger: I won!

The crowd cheered at Roger as the others made heir place at the finish line with Yuna on second place.

At the center of Ponyville, Stanley Pines came up with the reward for Roger.

Stanley Pines: You're the winner, Roger. Congratulations, Kiddo.

Roger: Thanks, Stanley. But I'm not keeping my reward to myself, I'm sharing it with my friends. We're all winners for playing fair in square.

Princess Yuna: Thanks, Roger.

Indigo Marble: You're the best.

Roger started to share his reward as everyone and everypony split their money reward.

Gordon: That's the most generous thing you did, Roger.

Roger: Really, Dad. You and Mom aren't mad at me?

Belle: How can we be mad at you, We're so proud of you.

Roger: I did it for fun, Mom.

Flying Scotsman: You did us all very proud, Roger.

Roger: Thank you, Uncle Scotsman.

The foals and kids returned home with their parents. Later that night, Yuna wrote her journal about the Kart Race in Ponyville.

Princess Yuna: (writing on Journal 4) "Dear Journal, Today Roger had a daydream that came true. I have the Shooting Star, Roger have The Mighty Jet, Even one of their own kart replica of something else and had our own kar race. During the race, the Shooting Star's back tires blew up and gotten a little slower. But if wasn't for Roger, I would've never be back on the road. Even if he used magic, He wanted us all to finish our race. So, Friendship is what making us a winner. Your owner, Princess Yuna.".

Yuna puts Journal 4 next to the other three, And she finally gone to sleep.

                                                                                          The End

In the end credits at Golden Oaks Library, Yuna and her friends trained with the Ninjago Team and the Chima Heroes.

Princess Flurry Heart: Whoo! Go get them! You're the best!

Princess Yuna: Hiya! (kicks as Sensei Wu blocks his staff)

Sensei Wu: Keep up your strength, Princess.

The Ninjago Team and the Chima Heroes trained Yuna very hard.

Kai: Take that, Nightmares!

Cole: Let's see what Yuna's got!

Lloyd Garmadon: Now, Tyrone!

Tyrone: Okay, Lloyd!

The obstacle course has been turned on, Yuna had made through every dangerous stunts.

Tyrone: Boy, Look at Yuna go.

Sensei Garmadon: She must be a fast learner then we've thought.

Yuna runs through the dangerous stunts that Tyrone and Phil added, She finally reached the finished base.

Princess Solarna: Way to go, Baby sister!

Princess Luna: Well done, Yuna!

Princess Yuna: Thanks, Solarna. Thank you, Mama, Papa.

Princess Luna: You see how well she trained herself?

Hiro: I sure did, Luna. And the six of you have taught Yuna very well.

Jay: No sweat, Hiro.

Zane: All in a day's work.

Princess Yuna: Eat this, You bunch of back stabbers! (throws a bomb at the dummies of The Nightmare Family, Bill Cipher, Robot Probes, Weasels, Changeligs, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Jafar, Tirek and Queen Chrysalis) And that's that! (winks on front)
Yuna's Princess Adventure S1 Ep2
Here is the next episode of Yuna's Princess Adventure.

Chapter 3
These are my OC Characters of The Legend of Korra.

Book 1: Air

  1. Black Cattle (Son of Courage Eagle, Nephew of Wild Wolf, Younger Brother of Sunrise Hawk, Father of Cunning Fox, Love Interest of Lin Beifong, Waterbender and Owner of the Republic City Animal Sanctuary)
  2. Cunning Fox (Son of Black Cattle, Nephew of Sunrise Hawk, Grandson of Courage Eagle, Great Nephew of Wild Wolf, Waterbender and Love Interest of Asami Sato)
  3. Sunrise Hawk (Older Brother of Black Cattle, Uncle of Cunning Fox, Earthbender and Chief of the Nawakee Tribe)
  4. Charging Bison (Strongest Earthbender of the Nawakee Tribe)

Book 2: Spirits

  1. Liu Shang (Son of Haku, Husband of Kya, Father of Jaden and Katana, Uncle of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan and Waterbending Master of the Northern Water Tribe)
  2. Jaden (Son of Liu Shang and Kya, Nephew of Tenzin, Pema and Bumi, Grandson of Haku and Katara, Older Brother of Katana, Cousin of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan and Waterbending Student)
  3. Katana (Daughter of Liu Shang and Kya, Niece of Tenzin, Pema and Bumi, Granddaughter of Haku and Katara, Younger Sister of Jaden, Cousin of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan and Waterbending Student)
  4. Grey Heron (Shaman of the Nawakee Tribe and Waterbender)

Book 3: Change

  1. Bitter Swan (Grand Niece of Grey Heron, Best Friend of Cunning Fox, Love Interest of Jaden, Former Nonbender of the Nawakee Tribe and Airbending Student)

Book 4: Balance

  1. Kuzon (Grandson of Zuko, Son of Izumi, Younger Brother of Iroh, Love Interest of Katana, Firebender and Crowned Prince of the Fire Nation)
  2. Tsung Lai (Dictating conqueror of the four nations)

The Voice Actors

  1. Rodney A. Grant as Black Cattle
  2. Eddie Spears as Cunning Fox
  3. Gil Birmingham as Sunrise Hawk
  4. Brad Garrett as Charging Bison
  5. Robby Benson as Liu Shang
  6. Sam Huntington as Jaden
  7. Kirstin Dust as Katana
  8. Wes Studi as Grey Heron
  9. Tinsel Korey as Bitter Swan
  10. Elijah Wood as Kuzon
  11. Gary Oldman as Tsung Lai


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